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Total health takes teamwork

Our coordinated care teams work with you — and each other — to help keep you healthy. And that’s important — because something as simple as having doctors and specialists who talk to each other can speed up your care, improve your treatment, and let you focus on living your life. Staying healthy should be easy. With the right team, it is.

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Shop our plans

As a Kaiser Permanente member, you get more than just a health plan.

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Doctors and locations

You can find top-notch Kaiser Permanente doctors at world-class facilities near you.

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Excellent care when you’re expecting

We have everything you need to give your baby a healthy beginning — highly trained doctors, nurses, and midwives, family birth rooms, and more. Plus, 7 out of 10 babies born at Kaiser Permanente are breastfed during their stay — and breastfeeding can lead to fewer illnesses for your newborn and a stronger mother-baby bond.

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Find your words: Let’s talk about depression

Depression is common, but many people have trouble talking about it. It’s time to change that — because treatment works, and everyone should know it’s OK to reach out for help. Whether you need support for yourself or you want to be there for someone else, it starts with a conversation. We’ll help you find your words.

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Beginning November 1, 2018, firearms will not be allowed on Kaiser Permanente property or in our facilities. Please don’t bring firearms or weapons to your appointment or when you visit our locations.